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In this section you can see results of my work.

Sephirot the game presentation

Sephirot the game© - Presentation

Here you can see a video presentation of Sephirot the game.

Sephirot the game© - Presentation

Sephirot the game© is a Role-playing game developed by me, applying different game design, writing and stage tecniques. Here you can find a video presentation.

Sephirot the game rules

Sephirot the game© - Rulebook

Here you can find the rulebook of my game!

Sephirot the game© - Rulebook

Sephirot the game© is a performative role-playing game, that allows you to play hypertext stories that can drastically change structure anytime. The game includes several aspects such as acting, competition, storytelling, interaction and challenges between the Players.

Collettivo Sephirot

Collettivo Sephirot

Here's the manifesto of the group we created to spread our thoughts about telling live stories.

Collettivo Sephirot

Collettivo Sephirot is a collective of artists that has the need to change the way to tell a story in a live show. Moving further and further away from an academic theatrical form, it seeks new communication layers closer to role-playing and game design.


This graph shows my typical work process in Gamification, how I usually work and what is my workflow.


Step 1

Daily life is marked by numerous actions, often considered boring and poorly digested (payment of taxes, health prevention, maintenance), while the game is a voluntary action from which one takes pleasure. Gamification tries to involve people to experience more fun and participation in daily activities through play.


Step 2

Identifying the field in which you intend to apply gamification is important to understand the methodology to be employed, which changes according to the goal to be achieved. The objectives can be: loyalty, recruitment, problem solving, team working, education, training, entertainment.


Step 3

Applying gamification techniques requires a phase of in-depth study of the linear narration of contents, in such a way as to build an architecture that invites interaction, discovery and fun.


Step 4

Testing the gamification structures through virtual and concrete simulations is essential to verify the robustness and balance of the system.


Step 5

The system created, analog or digital, is put into practice, continuing to observe strict maintenance in the early stages, monitoring the actual potential and redirecting the elements that are less in focus.


Step 6

Gathering feedback from the community that uses the system created will offer a techniques update as well as allow constructive dialogue with users.


These are my career and education paths in Gamification. You can follow their most important points.


2018 - 2019

From Dramaturgy to the Algorithm. Theater and Complex Systems

Artisti Riuniti logo

The cultural association Artisti Riuniti, in collaboration with SIAE, ATCL, AIV and La Sapienza University, organized this 6-month course with the aim of proposing and developing new interaction models based on Artificial Intelligence techniques, rules of video games and role-playing games applied to dramaturgy.


University of Bari "Aldo Moro"

Degree in Computer Science and Digital Communication

Bari University logo

This course offered a technical preparation and an IT qualification that can operate in the design, development and management of IT and multimedia systems, with a focus in the publishing, television, advertising, e-commerce, development of multimedia, mobile and web applications, user-centered interactive systems and computational intelligence.


2015 - now

Freelancer programmer

Freelancer Alessandro Anglani logo

My work as a freelance programmer in these years has led me to follow various clients especially in the creation of HTML websites or through CMS (Joomla, Wordpress). In some cases, I have developed applications for Android.


University of Bari "Aldo Moro"

Internship for the thesis in digital communication psychology

Università di Bari logo

My thesis "Culture 2.0: perspectives for communicative enhancement of an Apulian cultural event" was developed during the Festival dei Mondi in Andria, an international performing festival. My focus was on finding new ways to engage new public and to retail the partecipants of the event.

Alessandro Anglani

FREELANCER. Digital Services & Performance. Expert in GDR and Gamification, Director, Visual Artist, Actor, Web Programmer, Social Media Manager and Crowdfunding Advisor.